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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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playing in this sunday's super bowl because it's distressing for all of you americans out there as it is for some of us here on the record. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington. the factor begins right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> newt didn't call after iowa or new hampshire. i called him after south carolina, his win there. withbut he didn't call again lat night. >> bill: how angry is speaker gingrich after losing in florida? will the republic race get even nastier? dick morris, charles krauthammer, and sarah palin will all analyze. >> newt gingrich power preach ago higher standard in american politics by an overwhelming vote. they found him guilty of ethics violations. >> bill: one of the most effective anti-gingrich ads was a news report anchored by tom pro-call is -- bureau --
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brokaw demanding they not use his likeness again. >> something a little less contentious. >> dennis miller hafers something on florida vote, occupy madness and the super bowl. >> are you ready to go for that on a dinner. >> sure i will bet a dinner. if you ever get a free night from taking all your dick morris dinners. [bell] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama and your approval. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the rasmussen daily tracking poll today has president obama's job approval rating at 49% with 49% disapproving. despite the tie, the president is up in the approval rating over the last few weeks.
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but there is another poll that is very telling. this one from gallup. it says there are only 10 states out of 50 where mr. obama's approval rating is over auto%. is he most popular in hawaii. look at california. just 50.1% of the folks in that liberal state like the job the president is doing. on the disprooflg side utah, idaho, oklahoma, west virginia lead the pack. again only 10 states bullish on obama. certainly bad news for him. talking points hates to say this but the presidential race is likely an obama/romney contest. will be weighed in 12 states. most of the other 38 are pretty much spoken for. that could change if the economy gets worse. but right now colorado, florida, iowa, michigan, nevada, new hampshire, new mexico and north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and wisconsin are the so-called swing states. and in those places, president obama is not, not over auto% approval in any of them. that is why you watch the
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factor. we're not in business to promote any political candidate. you are smart enough to know how want to vote for. our analysis is trying to pinpoint what is likely to happen in the presidential race. if the republics can stay on message, mr. obama is incompetent in economic matters, the g.o.p. has a better than even chance of winning not only the white house but the senate as well as retaining the house of representatives. that would give the new republic president the power to undo what president obama has done. getting to that point is going to be very difficult. democrats will unleash hell against mitt romney if he is the guy. dug up everything he has ever done financially. corrupt rich person who doesn't care about the folks. governor romney has got to avoid saying things like this. >> am in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i will fix it. >> because romney said the words "i'm not concerned about the very poor," the democrats now a headline.
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even though the governor qualified that he was saying in a logical way i will fix the safety nets. that doesn't matter. expect to see "i'm not concerned about the very poor" all over the place until election day. the converse, of course, is true as well. back in 2008, president obama said that a 9 trillion-dollar debt was unpatriotic. he was outraged about it now that quote is being rammed down the president's throat. because america has built a 15 trillion-dollar debt on mr. obama's watch. so you can see how this is going to unfold over the next months. it will be very intense. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. purveyor of dick first of all, in the debriefing of the vote, the first thing that fascinates me is what is newt gingrich going to do now? i don't know what is he going to do. do you? >> there is a fight between his head and his heart to paraphrase thomas jefferson. his head is going to tell him go positive, sketch out a
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positive vision for america because you know when you did that in two south carolina debates you won the primary. but his heart is going to say i'm going to get even with that son of a gun i'm going to go after. >> bill: this is romney you are talking about. >> romney has played gingrich. romney has taunted gingrich. gotten him to attack him. gingrich is like a bull in bullfight. is he enraged and going to charge. i think that's why the central fact of florida is that whereas in south carolina women voted by 9 points more for romney. in florida they. >> bill: for gingrich, you mean. >> women voted 9 points more for romney. >> bill: in south carolina? >> than men. >> bill: i got it. >> in florida they voted 19 points more for romney. >> bill: you say that's because gingrich was angry in his presentation. >> ugly, angry, nixonian. >> bill: i think sulg overstating it. angry. >> is he an attractive guy. he looked bad coming across
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with that -- i also feel that marianne gingrich thing hurt him. >> that's speculation. i don't mean to cut you off. >> what's not speculation is that women turned against gingrich. >> bill: in florida. >> yeah. florida is the whole country because it's so typical of the rest of the country. so many elements that are similar to the rest of the country. >> bill: you say romney baited gingrich. i don't see it that way. i think that romney said i'm not going to let what happened in south carolina happen again, okay? so this time, i'm going to be the guy that drives the negative ads, not my opponent. i don't know if the psychology was and the reason i say that is i got baited by al franken you know that despicable guy from minnesota. he baited me and i fell for it and i helped him. okay? because but that was a campaign by franken it-to-do it i found out afterwards. they said, look, in order to sell the stupid book, we're going to lie about o'reilly and we're going to embarrass
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o'reilly and o'reilly will launch at us and we will get all this publicity. that was well thought out. that's what happened with al franken. is he a despicable gutter snipe. >> tried to get you all o'reillyed up. >> indeed. i sass so stupid that i fell for it. in this case i don't think romney sat down with his advisors. i could be wrong. it's not his style and said you know, i'm going to bait him and make him lose his composure. i think it was just a matter of tactics. >> tactics running the romney campaign was functionally my business partner for 10 years. stewart stevens. we never formed a company together but we did all of our campaigns together. i believe that they sat down and they said newt looks bad when he is attacking why we want to get him mad at us so he attacks. newt fell into it and is he still falling into it. >> bill: you know better than me you might be right. >> governor palin is coming up in the broadcast. we will talk about negative
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ads and how they may help barack obama with the republicans slaughtering each other. the democrats sitting back cherry picking things they are going to use in the campaign. sty differently? >> i think all the negatives that hit romney ultimately will help him in the general election. because he is getting vetted. he lost to south carolina primary in large part, i believe, because he wouldn't release his taxes. and then when he released them right after the primary, it was no big deal. that issue now is gone. he was hobbling after new hampshire going into south carolina because of all the people fired under bain capital. that issue is now over. you compare two negatives. john kerry on swift vote and barack obama on reverend wright. on reverend wright, you and hannity and a bunch of others got that out in april and may and june. so, by october, it was nowhere. kerry escaped any of that vetting, never came up during the fall -- during the spring. and then in august and
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september, his swift vote stuff came up and he never recovered from it. >> bill: a lot of timing. >> you need those negatives to come out. get answered, get chop warren and go away. i also believed that the issue is not so much that they were negative on gingrich. there was one negative he couldn't answer and still hasn't answered it. he never explained to the american people what he did for freddie mac in consulting doesn't answer. >> bill: it's out now and they can't keep going back to it. dick morris, everybody. there is he. next on the run down, crowley and colmes will look at president obama's big problem approval in the states as we mentioned. later, as i mentioned, sarah palin on all the negative campaigning, among republicans. will that hurt the party in november? will she disagree with mor ♪ [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country.
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11:13 pm
explain how he did. >> bill: three years he hasn't been able to explain it. [ laughter ] >> crowley is laughing at you. >> what else is new? >> bill: 30 seconds in the seeing want and we haven't gotten in the segment and we are both laughing at you he has got to get out there. he is the most visible man in the world. he has got to get out there. like he has been cloiserred in a basement for three and a half years. you didn't think about this segment at all, colmes. you didn't give this any thought at all. >> owe o'reilly you hilarious. i i am not done. >> bill: you need to regroup. >> i'm not regrouping. let me finish. >> bill: all right. >> i shouldn't have said he needs to get out there, okay? it was a preamble to the main point. >> bill: okay. >> what he has to do is explain in simple language how he has -- what he has done. what his policies have done, how he has helped the american people and he has got to make sure the progressives, some of whom have got a little bit off the high of the first term,
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some of them he has not pleased as much. the progressives need to get out the vote. he needs to get out the left vote. >> bill: i got nothing out of that. >> come on. >> help me, america. look, the fact that he is under water in so many key states, it's not good for an incumbent president. but he is going to raise about a billion dollars so he will have a lot of resources. he will be able to get out. he has the power of encouple incumbency. the problem for obama as incumbent president most politically toxic element for any candidate running for president especially the president is the unemployment number. the election for him. >> bill: going down, monday canchts of course the broader economy because we are seeing anemic economic growth. >> bill: if the unemployment is going down, stock market did well in january. i'm not so sure if the republicans are pinning their hopes on a bad economy, worse than it is now. they are going to be very disappointed. >> that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying when alan says he has to get out there and tell
11:15 pm
the american people what he has done. the american people are living the economy on the ground every single day. they are seeing results of disastrous economic policy from the stimulus to obama care. >> bill: morris, who jewels left us here, believes that if an incouple bent is below 50%, can't win. because people who are on the fence about a guy they know for three and a half years, close to four years, not going to for him. unless the other candidate is so bad, which might be -- >> here is my answer to that we don't know. all the rules that get thrown out this time. >> bill: why do all the rules get thrown out? >> we got a not very energized republic base. >> bill: how you can say that when it was a record republic turnout in florida. >> no, 300,000 less that turned out yesterday than 2008. >> bill: i thought it was a record. >> no. >> bill: are you sure? >> 1.94 million. yesterday it was 1.66 million. >> bill: does that count the people that voted in advance.
11:16 pm
>> 300,000 less turned out there. is a problem. there is not an energized base. that's going to hurt the republicans. >> i disagree with that. look, from the group that we have to choose from, i think a lot of conservatives are dissolutioned and disappointed. the reality is setting in sometimes you have to go to war with the troops you have got. this is the group, no more fantasies about chris christie or paul ryan getting into this race they are not going to do it. once we have a nominee, then the voters get really excited for two things, number one to defeat barack obama and number two. >> bill: didn't get excited about mccain. >> you are talking about a different generation here whether it's mitt romney or newt gingrich. this is -- in either cases specially romney is younger. >> bill: going to get excited about mitt rom ninchts i don't say excited two. things, one the excitement over defeating barack obama is going to mobilize people even if they are not excited about newt or mitt. also the idea that changing presidents will actually enliven this economy scijly in real economic numbers. that's going to energize a lot
11:17 pm
of people. >> bill: i'm giving you the last word, colmes because you started off so awfully. >> wait a second, i said three words and you jumped down my throat. >> bill: dumbest words i have heard in months. >> no they are not. >> bill: the president should get out there. >> it was a predicate to what i was going to. >> bill: a predicate? all right. go ahead. wrap it up. take it home, man. >> the conservatives, the far right conservatives are not going to trust mitt romney. they don't trust. >> bill: they will come out and vote for him. >> of course. >> they may or may not. >> bill: sit on their hands. >> they don't trust is he a true conservative. that's going to be the problem. >> bill: i will be surprised if they don't come out. >> they are coming out. >> bill: monica is going to make them go door to door. monica is going to drag them out. >> i will come next time with three words to start my segment that will blow you away. >> bill: alan colmes, everybody, oh my god. charles krauthammer up next will deal with newt gingrich's anger and, later, dennis miller has some thoughts about the florida vote and the latest occupy violence. those reports after these
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>> bill: what will happen to newt gingrich now and can he contain his anger. after the vote he didn't each call mitt romney. >> newt didn't call after iowa or new hampshire. i called him after south carolina, his win there. but he didn't call again last night. the other candidates all called. i don't know, i guess speaker gingrich doesn't have our phone number. >> bill: joining us from washington political commentator charles krauthammer. i understand mr. gingrich's anger and frustration. i think his demeanor hurt him in florida. what say you? >> well, with colmes, the
11:22 pm
president has to get out there. [ laughter ] >> i mean, where has he been? is he a monk or something? you don't see him or hear him? he is the president. let's get back to newt here what he needs to do is last night. whole different demeanor, no whining, no playing the victim. he had one line about big money. that's okay. he is allowed that after sustaining the millions in negative ads. he played the populist card anti-washington, anti-wall street and all of that. there was this other part about it where he went ahead and started talking about all the executive orders he is going to pass in his first hours as president. the guy had just taken a she lacking, 15 points in florida. it was as if it had never happened or as if he had won. one hand near delusional, other hand it had kind of a charm to it. >> bill: if is he going to stay in, you have to have that confident pose.
11:23 pm
>> exactly and that doggedness. >> bill: here is the interesting thing about gingrich, sometimes his anger works for him when he directs it toward the media. when he directs it toward anti-christian people, things that are unfair and stupid, people go, yeah. he is the avenger. then other times it doesn't work for him. when is it a negative? when is gingrich's anger a negative? >> it is a negative when it's about him. it's a negative when he is pitying himself and saying how put upon he is. >> bill: when he plays the victim, they don't -- voters don't like that. >> it doesn't look good. if you want to be president of the united states you have got to take it you don't whining. you hit back and hit back with confidence and with a kind of audacity the way he did. when he talked about the executive orders, he did it in a way that he has a knack of doing. he didn't speak about the stuff abstractly. this is what he does well. he said i'm the day i'm inaugurated i will sign the
11:24 pm
keystone pipeline. meaning that's a symbol for a whole thing i'm going to stop everything the obama and tree huggers have done. fire all at czars in the white house. again, one phrase that's a symbol for the who whole white house arrogance and overreach. he has a way of doing that when he sticks to obama, to what the liberals have done in governance he is good. when he talks about how he has been hit unfairly, is he off. >> bill: okay. now, mitt romney, i don't know this for a fact but i assume that the romney campaign believes it has it wrapped up. doesn't seem to be any derailment possibility unless the press break as story about the governor. until the next debate which is late in february. and then the super tuesday seems to favor him. and his money flow is going to start whereas the money for gingrich is going to be hard to raise. santorum and paul, i don't know where they are going to get money. particularly santorum. is it possible that the romney
11:25 pm
campaign can get arrogant, overconfident at this point? >> i think they can. they have got to be careful. if his three opponents stay in the race, ron paul will stay in. even if the apocalypse comes. and even if it happened i think he would only suspend his campaign, he wouldn't end it. santorum can hang in there, live off the land. he has got a shot in missouri which has no delegates but it's in six days. >> bill: psychological, yeah. >> because gingrich isn't in the contest in missouri. >> bill: right. >> it's a one-on-one. is he now up by -- santorum is up by 11. he wins in missouri which is a microcosm of the country. by 11 or 10 or whatever. he has a case he can make that i'm the guy who should be anti-romney and beat gingrich. if they all stay in, here is the problem. under the new rules the republicans have proportional representation, meaning it is quite possible that romney can do really well all the way until tampa and, yet, not have
11:26 pm
a majority. >> bill: not have enough there forgone conclusion about that time. >> well, it may or may not be. there is no reason they have to drop out. if gingrich comes in with a large block, second largest number of the delegates, can he make a lot of trouble. and if there is a second ballot, admittedly hasn't happened in 60 years. if there is, who knows what happens. improbable but not impossible. >> bill: thank you, we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. tom brokaw demanding mitt romney stop using his likeness. is it legal. sarah palin will be here to opine on all the negative campaigning. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag. you know organization is key... and so is having a trusted assistant. and from national.
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>> bill: in is the is it legal segment tonight, tom brokaw demanding that mitt romney stop using this ad.
11:30 pm
>> good evening. newt gingrich came to power after all preach ago higher standard in american politics. a man who brought down another speaker on ethics accusations. tonight, he has on his own record the judgment of his piers, democrat and republic alike by an overwhelming vote, they found him guilty of ethics violations. they charged him a very large financial penalty and they raised several of them raised serious questions about his future effectiveness. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> bill: here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. does brokaw have the law on his side? can he take legal action against the romney campaign. >> he does not have law on his side. they could argue copyright infringement nbc well brokaw. something called the fair use act. you can rebroadcast a small portion of a larger broadcast as long as it's not meant for private commercial gain and certainly this wasn't. it was a political ad. there is, they can make the
11:31 pm
argument. >> bill: when you say fair use, is there a time limit on fairous. >> no, no. section 107 of the copyright act it's out there. >> bill: let me just ask. there are other cable news channels. >> really? >> bill: yeah, that take this program, all right? and just use their program based on this program. so, we're on at 8:00 eastern time. at 8:10, you are seeing me on the other channels because they don't know what to do. >> as long as they take a snippet. >> bill: just a snippet. >> see, i don't understand what snippet means. what does snippet mean? >> a small portion. >> bill: what does that mean? >> you are allowed to use it. >> bill: that was a 30 second spot for brokaw. >> you are not taking it in its entirety. taking a small portion of it. >> bill: it's subjective. >> the courts have allowed. this. >> bill: brokaw can't do anything. >> can he take it to court. the ultimate conclusion is he will lose under the fair use doctrine. romney will be allowed to use this and it's an effective ad. >> bill: the attorney general
11:32 pm
of the united states being threatened, ladies and gentlemen, contempt of congress, explain that guilfoyle, please. >> this is a very interesting case. that man right there eric holder is being threatened essentially by issa. >> congressman darrell issa from california. >> absolutely with the chairman of the house oversight committee. is he proceeding over the fast and furious investigation regarding what happened with the gun walker case. he has requested on two separate occasions and has now followed it up with the letter he sent this week requesting that the attorney general comply with the subpoena of documents that they had been asking for. thus far, they have been far from compliant. >> bill: do you know what the documents are. >> they are all the documents that relate to the gun walker case. >> bill: he wants every document? >> yes. >> bill: the oversight committee wants every document. >> what they knew at the time. >> bill: get the document then they can find out what they knew. so, wiehl, holder, basically has ignored the subpoena thus far. >> he ignored it -- there has been two. he ignored the first one, did
11:33 pm
he not ignore the second one and turned papers up to february 4th. >> february 4th, what year? >> 2011. the reason that date is so important is that there was a letter that came out from the department on february 4th. in that letter, they said oh this gun walker fast and furious we are not walking guns. meaning we are not letting those guns go to mexico and losing them. then what became very clear and the department had to redact, had to take that february 4th document back. that wasn't true. that's exactly what was going on. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. what issa wants now is documents from february 4th, 2001 1-6r7b8g9s right. >> onward. >> up to the present. >> here is the reason. issa wants to know is there a cover up? is holder covering up? >> holder, how long is holder not delivered the documents? how long? >> this whole period of time. from then. he was requested -- here is what is significant. >> when? >> march 2011. here is the deal. specifically, they have received the 6,000 pages compared to the inspector general. you see holder said we are going to have our own
11:34 pm
investigation about this they received 80,000 pages. clearly documents are being withheld. very obvious. >> bill: this holder doesn't give them up then he can be charged with contempt of congress. that's a crime. >> very serious. one year misdemeanor, $100,000 fine and he has. >> bill: you figure he is going to give up. >> he has until february 9th. the other avenue he can take write a privileged memo, log, here, congressman, here is exactly why. >> bill: issa isn't going to want that. >> issa put in the letter he had three choices, one, turn it over, write this privileged document or face contempt of congress. >> he is very serious. next thursday is the deadline. >> bill: we will be here to report what happens. ladies as always, thank you. come right back, miller time d man on the florida primary. more occupy madness and the super bowl. miller is next. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, get right to the sage of southern california dennis miller in santa barbara tonight at a brand new studio. hey, miller, both shows on february 25th in your hometown, santa barbara, sold out. is that you or me? >> probably you, billy. but then again i have got to get out there. [ laughter ] >> bill: are you mocking alan colmes? how dare you? >> i hope colmes realizes he has two now because you just tore him a new one. it was beautiful. >> bill: no, i didn't mean to do it but sometimes you have to bring people back in. they left the corral. >> listen. i think the reason we are selling ticket us in tandem. rosy grier in the incredible two-headed transplant. >> bill: one of my favorites,
11:39 pm
i will be rosy, and you can be ray. [ laughter ] >> you are rose grier. >> loved them. tackle for the new york giants. great guy. >> beautiful. that ought to be our poster for the show. >> what did you think of florida? >> well, it got a little silly down there, the accusations. you can tell newt is all crazy now. he actually had a gingrich campaign spokesman one jonathan cash say quote romney shot a man in reno just to watch him die. i thought that was a little over the top. i thought it was a cool, level-headed adult decision by the voters in florida. i think it sent a message to the left. we are not going to make it easy for them this time through. tough to demonize mitt. if he is the frontrunner, axelrod is going to weigh in where they will make gingrich look like his fifth son that's how dirty they will play. wasn't there a john wayne film about romney's four sons called the sons of mormon
11:40 pm
elder. >> bill: no, katy elder. she may have been a mormon, katy, we don't know. hard to tell in the covered wagon what she was. okay. now, right up i-5 if you get in the car and go over there, you will go to oakland, california, where the occupiers are trying to destroy the city in a last attempt at something i'm not sure. what what what say you. >> i say one man saving the world is the another man's i have a geneseey charge. you know what i love about these people, bill. they move in and think it's like masada. they will stay there forever now and not pay rent. it shows you that there are people in the world who want to do something about everything but don't want to do anything -- nothing about anything. you know what i mean? it's like what are they doing? what's the task? it's just so nebulous. to me they might as well come out and say we want free rent because that's all it's turned into now they are squatters that don't know squat.
11:41 pm
>> bill: do you believe this is causing liberal people in california, particularly in the bay area, oakland, san francisco, to re-examine their core belief system because they were so jazzed about the occupy movement in the beginning? >> no. that's the least shaky thing in california is the san andreas fault. these people are emblematic. can you go into the house chamber up in sacramento. you would see pup tents in there this is loonville out here, billy. >> bill: no matter what they do. no matter how they fail or how they behave, that liberal people will still support the occupy movement? >> until mexico, once again, takes over california, which i think has happened -- what time is it? then they might start to protest. but, until that point, no. >> bill: you know, believe me, if mexico ever did reclaim the lands that are rightly theirs,
11:42 pm
new mexico, part of arizona, part of california, i don't know if the occupiers would be very welcome. see, i don't know if the drug cartels -- i don't know if the drug cartels are going to give a big -- to the occupy movement. they would sell them stuff. >> don't have to be score rose to know that the federally would come in there with the billy clubs and break that whole thing up. >> bill: be careful what you wish for. super bowl, indianapolis, good for that town. a lot of money pouring in. lou dobbs viewpoint on friday. we are going to have a good time. your prediction for the super bowl right now? >> brady and the patriots because when brady had a six touchdown game i said this before. i didn't see much room for him to go. now that he has had a bad game the pump is prime. plus, when you put in the fact that mr. craft's karma about as good as can you get on the
11:43 pm
planet, i like the patriots here. i have a niche prediction, billy, i'm just putting it down so if i get it right i look like a whiz for the next 10 years. eddleman for the new england patriots will be the first player ever to get an interception and a touchdown catch in one game and he will be the first half jewish man to end up as mvp of the super bowl. that's my niche prediction. >> bill: we have noted it final score? do you think it's going to be a blow out? a close game? >> well, i love cop palestinian and he eli is playing the second best -- well, after rogers, brees, and brady, probably in the next niche. 31-28 pats. >> bill: whoa, i'm going 27-24 giants. okay? >> guess what you will be right, you know why? because i have got to get out there. >> bill: that's right. you already owe me a dinner. i want your car. [ laughter ] so we have another dinner. so when i go out to
11:44 pm
california, you have to feed me all across the week. all right? are you on for another dinner? >> listen, i will put a food shouldn't in your arm the way you are barking up that. >> bill: that means you are on. miller and i are on. he has the pats, i have the giants. i already kicked his butt the first time. we will see what happens this time. dennis miller, everybody. we would like to announce a new bolder fresher tour date. see you this chicago at the rose month theater on saturday, june 23rd. as you may know,most of the bolder fresher shows sell out. you can check this one out on bill o' hello chicago. going to be great. somebody tell rahm emanuel. i'm sure he is going to want to be there. durham north carolina on friday in tampa, florida, march 11th. ticket info on bill o' sarah palin is up next. is all the negative campaigning helping barack obama? the governor will deal with that in just a few moments. ♪
11:45 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. no doubt the republic competition has been brutal in a negative way. the question will that help barack obama in the presidential election? governor sarah palin joins us. you have got to assume democrats and the obama campaign and the pacs that are going to help him have cherry picked stuff against mitt romney said by republics if, indeed, the governor is the nominee and use it in the general election. how bad do you think that's going to hurt romney and help president obama? >> >> you know that brutality, say, for instance, what we just witnessed in florida that brutality via $17 million in negative ads in a 65 to 1 negative ad ratio that was
11:49 pm
mounted against newt gingrich, which i think did result in him falling there in the polls and in that primary. that brutality will help obama only if americans can concede obama's point that he recently made and that that america has gotten lazy. it is imperative that voters do not become lazy in this primary process and we aggressively and ambitiously do our own homework. we vet the candidates ourselves because we cannot rely on the media, the establishment, the super pacs and candidates who hide behind the super pacs to tell us what the truth is about these candidates. >> bill: people who watch this program listen to talk radio, read the newspapers, they are likely to do that that's not the majority of the american people. and the majority of voters will be and i'm not being condescending i'm being realistic, ill-informed. they are going to pick up just as the voters in florida did, trends on television, negative advertising, catches people's
11:50 pm
attention much better than positive does. so the obama campaign is being handed a gift by the republic party because of all of this campaigning. i think that there is no doubt about that. >> well, then these candidates have got to be reminded they have got to focus. they have got to get back to what really matters. how that is how do we mount that aggressive campaign via the most equipped fighter against obama and his failed policies instead of the nitpicking, yeah, against one another. we focus on the main thing. >> bill: that's not going to happen. >> it does need to be that most equipped fighter. we need to -- it's not negative campaigning as i said before to call out an opponent's record. their associations, what it is that they have said in the past in order to figure out where do they intend to take us in the future. >> bill: governor, you have got one guy gingrich saying that this romney is a corrupt midget because is he making all this money and not looking
11:51 pm
out for the folks. he is a massachusetts liberal. if he gets inside the white house, he is going to do what obama does. then you have the other guy romney saying gingrich is a corrupt guy with freddie mac and he is making money off the k street lobbyists. it's -- you know, these guys -- it's too late. the old jeanne is out of the bottle. it's too late. >> the republic party made a mistake just brought in broad tent getting this personal so fast. it got real personal it's going to help obama. now, how do you handle negative attacks? i don't think there is anybody in the country that has had more negativity directed toward them than you. in fact, there is a hbo movie coming up in march, a big one, again it's going to hammer you, i understand. how do you, newt gingrich, mitt romney, handle the negative attacks? what is the best way to handle them? >> well, i hope that they, like i am able to do keep
11:52 pm
priorities straight and right and know what really matters. at the end of the day what matters to me is my faith, my family, and my freedom as an american. all that other stuff on the periphery can go away. it's not going to adversely effect me. i hope the candidates feel the same. >> bill: but you are a human being. don't you get tired of this stuff? you were a good sport on "saturday night live," you went on with tina fey and that was smart. once in a while you go was it all worth it? now i'm going to get hammered on hbo by another movie. it's debilitating. it has to be debilitating, governor. i will give you the last word. >> i'm more sympathetic when i watch others go through and still go through. my skin is thick enough where it is not going to to bother me. i do feel for others and i understand why american voters seem to be a bit more disenchanted with the who process today they see the
11:53 pm
brutality waste time and resources. we have got to stay focused on the main thing through this primary election. finding the most equipped candidate to come up against failed policies of obama. >> bill: all right. governor palin thanks as always. pinheads and patriots on deck. there may be a financial situation involving greta van susteren, lou dobbs and other fox news employees. p and p just about two minutes away. the employee of the month is... spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. but first, we have given millions of dollars to charity over the years but american patriots jacket is on sale. it's light and warm. it's a great item. and red for valentine's day. check out all our gear. you are helping a lot of fine charities when you do. >> to the mail. >> bill: didn't belittle anything. just asked straight forward questions.
11:57 pm
>> bill: do you live in this country nikita or are you just visiting? every poll says paul has no chance. >> bill: i appreciate that peter. please call had cbc and alert them. >> bill: he just wants higher taxes on millionaires not across the board.
11:58 pm
zbloonl. >> bill: i also did not mentioned the sky is blue because some things we take for granted. >> bill: i appreciate that very much. lincoln's sbiofd coming up and reading it is a perfect way to celebrate. pinheads and patriots, it's my pleasure fox news channel is number one channel for ten straight years. some of the big guns of fox news rang the opening bell at nasdaq.
11:59 pm
>> bill: greta, lou dobbs, wasn't there, wasn't invited. didn't want to frighten the market. it would be down hundred points if i showed up. roger ales who literally invented this network. that is first tonight. check oup it on our website and spout off the fact that anywhere in the world. o'reilly and nogiovation and writing to us tonight, take it ease on colmes -- jobation. taking it easy on him. everybody has a bad day from time to time.


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